Ulugh Beg: The Intrinsic Futuristic Machine of Central Asia 

Almagul Menlibayeva with Inna Artemova and German Popov

Lahore Biennale 2020, „Between Sun and Moon“, curated by Hoor Al-Qasimi  

January 26–February 29, 2020 , Pakistan, Lahore.

Ground floor , 360-degree drawing installation by Inna Artemova .

In this installation of large-format drawings Inna Artemova uses the panorama image as the oldest form of creating a fictional world. The panorama serves as a projection screen on which reality concepts from different times are staged. At the same time, the installation intervenes in the existing space and interacts with it.

Starting point is the figure of Ulug Beg, her view of the world and her futuristic content. The geocentric view of the world that existed at the time of Ulug Beg, which has not changed in our mental world perception until today, is symbolized by the globe in the middle of the room. By means of a stereographic projection this reality becomes part of the panorama. The projection is superimposed  by concepts of reality and utopias that have emerged in other places and at different times. The reality of the Ulug Beg period is juxtaposed with the findings of contemporary science.

The central reference point of the installation is the planetarium as a key place of utopia (utopian space), from which the spiritual journey into unknown worlds and non-places (utopia) started at all times. Due to its architecture, the PIA Planetarium Lahore exhibition venue offers an ideal resonance space and a platform for a new reality, created by a complex interplay between the different levels of meaning.

The architectural space program of a planetarium is designed to make hitherto invisible unknown worlds visible as places of utopian thinking. The planned installation takes up this spatial concept  by creating a new reality, like an „artistic planetarium“, by linking and superimposing various realities.

Ulugh Beg: The Intrinsic Futuristic Machine of Central Asia , ground floor